New issue of Selección Vida magazine

NRe in its magazine Selección Vida number 63 (ICLAM 2019: THE UNION BETWEEN THE EAST AND WEST) has summarized, among all the conferences presented at this event, several of the most significant, such as breast cancer, genetic tests, diabetes mellitus or digital insurance.

Dr. Pedro Gargantilla, medical adviser to Nacional de Reaseguros, S.A., remarks that throughout the 20th century western societies have to face great challenges: increasing the prevalence of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus; environmental problems (pollution, damage caused by chemical products…) or a greater presence of neurodegenerative and neoplastic diseases.

In order to face them, we have the development of new technological tools: the appearance of 5G technology, automotive cybersecurity, telemedicine, advances in nanotechnology (cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment), robotics (surgery, exoskeleton) and advances in disease monitoring (heart rate) blood pressure, oxygen therapy, weight and cardiac volume.

To finish, NRe makes mention of the contagion capacity of Covid 19 on another viruses (Ebola, influenza or measles).

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