Code of Good Governance

Convinced of the principles inspiring corporate governance, Nacional Re has endorsed the need to draft the rules of conduct for its directors and optimise their procedures. This complies with the recommendations drafted by international ratings agencies, to which it is voluntarily subject, and with its decisive participation in the initiatives carried out by the sector’s employers, to which it adhered at the time.


The bylaws contain all the rules governing the Company’s internal functioning, from the shareholders’ rights and obligations to the Board’s duties.

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct provides a general description of the principles and rules guiding the behaviour of the applicable persons and their professional relations with third parties and with the company, consolidating a responsible culture and action guidelines which must be shared, accepted and respected by everyone.

Audit and Control Committee Regulations

The Committee’s regulations comply with the recommendations envisaged in Technical Guide 3/2017 on Audit Committees at Public-Interest Entities and are aimed at adapting them to Nacional RE’s specific circumstances based on its size and organisation and on its capacity as a reinsurer.

Whistleblowing channel

This document provides the internal whistleblowing system for behaviours, actions or events which may breach a law or an internal company rule, with consequences on the contractual relations between Nacional Re and the whistleblower.