General insurance lines

Property damage

As the leaders in our market, Nacional Re provides a full range of services related to the property damage segment, contributing value to businesses in Multirisks (Home, Community, Trade and SME insurance) and Large Accounts, including heavy industry such as Energy, Oil & Gas, and Chemicals.

Nacional Re provides training and consultancy services in matters such as the launch or review of insurance products, technical assistance for underwriting and claims, and control of aggregates. We also provide the facultative ability at an overall level in the European business.


Nacional Re has played an active role in the engineering insurance area in Spain, adapting to the specific needs based on its nature and technological advances.

We maintain a leading position in this type of insurance; to do this, we have a team of professionals with vast experience in the insurance sector and, specifically, in the engineering business segment.

Nacional Re provides its cedants with its proven experience so that its solutions conform to market requirements, contributing added value to underwriting, pricing, claims processing, risk inspection and any other matters in which our customers require our collaboration. Our expert team provides value to construction, assembly, machinery breakdown, completed civil engineering and other projects.

T.P.L. and Motor

Nacional Re has always been a benchmark in the T.P.L. area in our market. To that end, we provide great value to our customers in underwriting, claims, product development and legal advice.

Our specialist team provides services regarding both General T.P.L. and more specific ones (Professional CL, D&O, Environmental Liability, Cyber Liability, etc.)


Nacional Re has always had an expert team in managing the Marine business with the aim of meeting our customers’ needs professionally in an increasingly globalised environment.

We provide all types of services in the Marine and Goods insurance area (companies with activity in the distribution, logistics and Marine sector) and in the areas of Works of Art (nail to nail), Hulls (merchant ships, fishing boats, pleasure boats, shipbuilding) and Maritime T.P.L.

Credit and Surety

Together with the other business lines, we offer our customers comprehensive support for managing unpaid invoices to avoid a commercial risk, providing advice on prevention, indemnity and recovery in this credit area.

We also provide surety insurance services for a broad range of activities.

Personal insurance lines

We provide our cedants with our more than 25 years of experience to deal with new market requirements, offer innovative solutions and adapt to the insurance offering.

We are firmly convinced that it is necessary to include our own market research tasks in our services so that we can provide our customers with products and solutions that offer added value.

Our products’ open design, which can be perfectly adapted to each cedant’s specific needs, provides access to new solutions and opportunities, thus contributing to the creation of a strong, professional and competitive market.